Sarah 'Shiro' Parr

I’m a multi-discipline artist from Rugby, Warwickshire who is mostly self-taught.


I enjoy learning as I create. Currently I am mostly exploring the medium of ceramics.

I’m inspired by nature and stories and like to explore whimsical themes in my work. My aim is to amuse people.


Reminding adults of the importance of fun and play and imagination, is important to me.


Themes of playfulness and finding joy in simple little things and in nature prevail.


I’m keen to further explore this in a larger scale since the success of my first large scale garden sculptures which incorporate nature as part of the art.


Moving into stoneware has opened up lots of new potential in both technique and finish for my work.


Instagram @curiousceramics

Artwork for sale via Etsy:

Also available in The Nest, Rugby, 19 High Street, CV21 3GB.

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