Yvonne Lee

There is nostalgia in the art of domestic craft; dressmaking, gardening and sewing. The recollection of making is warm. Natural elements and the physical properties of materials associated with these crafts - clay, fabric, paper and the sights and smells of the garden, ignite sensory reminiscences of childhood pleasure.


As a mixed media artist, I am inspired by memory of ‘Home’ and ‘Place’, they are  synonymous with creativity.


Tactile, exquisite textiles, promise elegance and inexpensive individuality. Luxury is recalled in the feel of the drape, the colours and patterns. The evocative nature of folded tissue paper in dressmaking, rich brown in colour with its system of symbols and shapes extracted from an illustrated envelope, promises a glamorous but affordable lifestyle. 


Employing a range of materials, and mediums, ceramics, collage, painting, paper, acrylics, and needlework allows me to  translate sensory memories into art abstractions, which distort yet embrace the notions of craft. 

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Rear of St. Mary's Nusing Home, Montillo Lane, Harborough Magna, CV23 0HF