Jennie Fletcher

After a career as a designer and teacher of Art and Design, I joined grid studios in 2011 to once again start making art for myself. My love of landscape is my usual starting point and I work largely in oils, but sometimes in acrylics. My small framed paintings reflect my illustrator background and are of known locations, but I am also enjoying exploring working in a more expressive and abstract way on larger canvasses.


I am also making beads which have been inspired by researching adornments from antiquity and other cultures. My beads are shaped by hand and decorated using a variety of pigments and metallic powders and then threaded into necklaces separated by small glass seed beads which I source from around the world. I like the idea that the necklaces may have been dug up from under the ground, hence the name for my collection of work: “De Terra”.


My Cottage Studio in my garden is my other creative haven, and also provides a place from where I can sell some work. But I also need the company of other artists and my space at grid studios is the perfect stimulating and friendly environment to discuss and share ideas with a great bunch of like-minded people.


I belong to both the Rugby & District Art Society and the Rugby Art Group and, along with artists from ‘the grid’, there is plenty of encouragement as well as opportunities to take part in exhibitions.




telephone: 01455 556648

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