Jennie Fletcher

I grew up with the smell of turps! My mother was quite an accomplished portrait painter and as a child drawing was my favourite pastime,so it was fairly obvious I would follow a career in art of some kind.

After studying illustration,graphics and history of art for my BA, I worked as a graphic and display designer in Leicester.  This lead me to becoming a teacher of art and design for 28 years and I loved every moment of inspiring young people to explore their own creativity. But as head of an Art, Design and Technology department, it left very little time for furthering my own artistic interests. It wasn't until after I retired that I started the slow journey towards producing my own work.

For me painting is a journey of constant discovery. Working mostly in oils, I use brushes and palette knives or whatever comes to hand, until gradually the paint itself takes over. Starting points are actual places, but the end results might recall a fleeting memory of something vaguely familiar. And I always hope that the viewer might be drawn into a narrative of their own making. 

I am also making beads which have been inspired by my research into adornments from antiquity and other cultures. My beads are shaped by hand and decorated using a variety of pigments and metallic powders and then threaded into necklaces separated by small glass beads which I source from around the world. 

My cottage Studio in my garden is my creative'haven', and also provides a place from where I can sell my work. 

But I also need the company of other artists and my space at Grid Studios is the perfect stimulating and friendly environment to discuss and share ideas with a great bunch of like-minded people.

I belong to both the Rugby & District Art Society and the Rugby Art Group and, along with the Grid artists , there is plenty of encouragement as well as opportunities to take part in exhibitions.

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Rear of St. Mary's Nusing Home, Montillo Lane, Harborough Magna, CV23 0HF 

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