IJE - pronounced eejay

I am a conceptional/expressionist artist with MA Fine Art from Birmingham School of Art. My work seeks to reshape embodied notions, responding to encounters with time, space and change through making and documenting. Generating works activated through gesture, colour, texture, layering, repetition and reflectivity. Predominantly a result of durational activity, in expansive spaces of mountain, moorland or coastal areas:

increasingly I as expressing my current manifestation as a woman of colour, as a Scottish, Nigerian healer. 

  • Paintings, photography and original prints

  • PFHOEMS -integrating painting,film,photography and poetry

  • Sculpture,installation,shaping spaces-chaining/knotting/weaving materials such as silicone,yarn,metal and textiles

Undertaking durational activity in the landscape, I wonder about what went before me and what might lie ahead;

I wonder about singularities and multiples, about time, capacity for change and universal energy. I use colour, memory, fabrications, words, feelings, documenting,

repetition and gesture to create textured vibrant paintings, written/spoken word and sculptures/installations.

Works vary in size , most often on a larger scale and are rhizomatically connected through conceptual series: perdurance/time; topographic encounters; prepositions of space; elements and movement. 

I take commissions and run individual/small group creative painting workshops, please contact me for more details via my website WWW.IJE-ARTIST.COM

or email ijeartist@gmail.com

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