Anita Davies


My mixed media collages are a moment in time -thoughts and expressions I have.

I love scraps and fragments of paper, fabric and packaging; old stamps with postage marks and dates; books with crumbling spines and dog eared pages.

My work takes these forgotten pieces, saves them from the rubbish bin then nurtures them into collages and assemblages which portray an unusual beauty, rejoicing in stains, patina and marks. I deconstruct boxes and envelopes to create backgrounds and structures for fragments to nestle in. A piece of rusty metal, a staple or washer are elevated in importance to focal points. Sometimes I enhance colours with acrylic paint, ink, graphite and baked texture powders. Touches of gold leaf and sealing wax add contrast to the humble ephemera.

Also, I make paper beads from long strips of paper, tightly wound, sealed and varnished. I love the slightly wonky feel of their shapes and enjoy the abstract patterns the cut strips create. Occasionally words or numbers are visible and add narrative. I string the  beads simply for necklaces or incorporate them into an assemblage.

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Rear of St. Mary's Nusing Home, Montillo Lane, Harborough Magna, CV23 0HF